Enterprises running SAP business applications as part of their core systems of record can't afford failures.Unlike other APM providers who utilize wire data for diagnostics,our SAP Monitoring solution delivers code-level visibility to optimize performance — because every second counts.

Troubleshoot SAP performance problems

SAP应用程序的复杂性和专有性使其难以诊断问题。万博客户端AppDynamics allows enterprises to instrument SAP applications,监控性能,并了解性能瓶颈的根本原因。

  • Low overhead agents monitor performance of ABAP and database code

  • Dynamic baselines created for every metric can be configured to track performance

  • Code-level transaction snapshots taken when performance deviates from baseline

  • Pinpoint problems to a single line of ABAP code or database query

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Remove silos and reduce MTTR

Siloed monitoring tools don't measure end-to-end performance.万博客户端AppDynamics automatically establishes baselines and will intelligently alert teams when anomalies occur.

  • Health rules work out-of-the-box and are automatically set to alert on key performance metrics for every Business Transaction

  • Health rules can be configured and customized to suit the needs of your business

  • Intelligent monitoring policies prevent alert storms and notify you only when necessary

  • 将警报直接集成到企业级工作流工具中,such as ServiceNow,PagerDutyand JIRA


Visible means stable

Without visibility into every dependency,a single issue in SAP can affect user journeys and negatively impact multiple lines of business.万博客户端AppDynamics for SAP强调哪些应用程序和服务依赖于SAP,以及如何连接所有内容,在现场对面,cloud,或混合环境。

  • 流程图可以开箱即用,并提供实时性,detailed visuals of every component — from apps to databases to third-party providers.

  • Business Transactions provide application context and tell teams exactly which user experiences are impacted when SAP performance suffers

  • ABAPSDK允许团队通过收集与特定的端到端事务相关联的自定义度量来扩展可见性。

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Application Flow Map showing both SAP and Java services
Migrate with confidence

Migrate with confidence

Lifting and shifting SAP business applications can be expensive,费时的,and error-prone.万博客户端AppDynamics helps teams plan migration efforts by establishing measurements pre and post-migration — illustrating performance variances with clarity and ensuring the same or better level of user experience.

  • See every dependency on-premises with application flow maps and automatically-detected Business Transactions through SAP environments

  • Monitor network performance of all connections to SAP environments,providing a deep level of visibility

  • Compare performance before and after migration for key Business Transactions

  • 在同一工具中收集云指标和SAP应用程序级指标

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Adopt S/4HANA on-premises or in the cloud

Transitioning your SAP platform from ECC to S/4HANA is often challenging,but often results in performance and cost benefits.万博客户端AppDynamics通过从ECC自动检测业务事务来加速重新平台化—建立基线并突出显示上下游依赖关系,so when you've transitioned to S/4HANA you can measure the performance improvements and usage.万博客户端AppDynamics for SAP supports on-premises or cloud deployments of SAP business applications.