Database Visibility

Monitor databases to optimize application performance

Make sure databases aren't the weak link dragging down application performance.Monitor all databases in a single pane of glass,and quickly drill down from the flow map to troubleshoot issues.

Database Visibility Figure 1

Gain in-context database metrics visibility – quick drill down from application using Business Transaction context

  • Visually understand how database performance is impacting your overall application performance

  • Effectively manage lifecycle of your database by visually understanding dependencies of other tiers on your database instances

Database Visibility Figure 2

Troubleshoot database issues faster – actionable and correlated application and DB metrics

  • Identify specific JDBC calls that are impacting overall application performance

  • Get additional DB metrics such as explain plans to understand optimization tips

Monitor all databases (SQL and NoSQL) - integrated into a single pane-of-glass

  • Monitor a variety of databases such as DB2,Oracle,SQL Server,Sybase ASE,MySQL,Sybase IQ,PostgreSQL,MongoDB,and Couchbase.

  • Quickly enable IT team members to gain value with minimal user training

Database Visibility Figure 4
Database Visibility Figure 5

在几分钟内监控任何生产数据库,with minimal overhead

  • Leverage unique agentless monitoring technology that needs no installation or configuration on the database server

  • Connect remotely to start collecting database KPIs within minutes

Correlate server performance with database performance

  • Visually correlate to understand how server CPU and memory KPIs are impacting your database performance

Database Visibility Figure 7

Let self-learning algorithms dynamically compute optimal database performance

  • Allow the sophisticated self-learning platform to analyze actual database performance and detect anomalies

  • Replace static thresholds with automated dynamic baselining to take the guesswork out of defining optimal performance

Database Visibility

Multiple platform monitoring

Monitor any combination of DB2,Oracle,SQL Server,Sybase,MySQL,Sybase IQ,PostgreSQL,米ongoDBand Couchbase database platforms with one central installation,all with a single pane of glass view.


Proactively tune and fix performance issues before they affect end users by monitoring and trending key performance metrics such as resource consumption,execution plans,wait states,和用户会话。

Troubleshooting performance issues in production

Retroactively troubleshoot and diagnose the root cause of database-related performance issues — in a live production environment — using fine-grained historical data.




Install in a matter of minutes,and use the intuitive web interface to quickly find and diagnose performance issues.


Scale to any number of database monitoring agents as your highly distributed environment requires.

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